Dear Clients, dear visitors,


The current health situation requires everyone to take exceptional measures, but nevertheless necessary for the common well-being.


Our Flagship, the Maison CODAGE Paris, will reopen its door 05/22/2020 after a two-months-closing period:

Your protection as the one of our employees is our first concern, indeed we place commercial objectives below public health issues, whatever it may cost us. We have therefore implemented a number of exceptional sanitary measures for the reopening of our shop that you will be able to consult online in detail soon.


www.codageparis .com remains opened:

Our e-shop remains open, and all orders will be honored and processed in a secure environment and in accordance with the strict recommendations of the World Health Organization and the French Government.

To better respond to the travel constraints worldwide, we have reworked our shipping costs rules for specifc conditions available until 05/21/2020 :

  • For deliveries in France (orders placed on : shipping costs are offered, for any purchase(s), whatever its amount, instead of a minimum of 80€ of purchases.
  • For deliveries in Europe (orders placed on ) : shipping costs are offered from 40€ of purchases, instead of 80€.
  • For deliveries in other area worldwide (orders placed on ) : shipping costs are offered from 60€ of purchases, instead of 150€.

Our delivery partners has not closed any destination in France or abroad for the time being, however you can experience some additional delays compared to "normal times". 


Our Consumer Service remains available to take care of you:

If you ever have any questions, our Consumer Service can be reached from Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. by email at and via Social Networks (Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn).


A dark period to pass for a promising future:

We do not hide from you that this virus becomes a heavy obstacle for our company, which will suffer from it like thousands of others. The 10 entrepreneurial years we have lived have been beautiful emotional roller coasters, with their share of trials, joys, successes, doubts, progress, again and again. But you have always been there, by our side, and we know that this dark period will soon be behind us all.

The essential today remains health! We wish you all to spend these difficult moments by remaining united, safe and full of love. The fight will soon be won, if everyone becomes aware of the individual and collective challenges to be deployed. No need to panic but it is essential to add some reason to our acts to better fight against the one who monopolizes all our discussions.

We have a very special thought full of admiration for all health professionals: you are real heroes and thank you for protecting us and taking care of us.

A lot of our retail and spa partners have closed their doors, but if however, you want take care of yourself we remain by your side. After all, let's use this "imposed" time to focus on ourselves.

Each sore trial is a new starting point. So, let’s take advantage of it, to rethink our consumption patterns, to reinvent ourselves, to see the world differently! And we hope that you will still be there in a few weeks to celebrate in beauty the disappearance of this virus. Take care of you, let’s be united, let’s be connected !

We follow with a huge attention the news from the Government and we are ready to adapt our measures for your well-being and the well-being of our teams. We will continuously update this page according to the evolution of the situation and will remain available on our Social Networks to support you on a daily basis.


Our support to French caregivers:

Nowadays regarding the Covid-19 crisis it seams primordial to take part in this beautiful national solidarity momentum . We had the desire to bring a little bit of solace to French cargivers who are risking their lives to save ours with passion, commitment and involvement. Say THANK YOU with our humble means.

Their hands suffer terribly from the frequent use of hydroalcoholic gel. Therefore we have decided to give thousands of our hand cream to any French healthcare facilities who made the request. We had the desire to give them what we do best: our products, to show them our gratitude and try to appease them just for a moment.

So far we have sent more than 2,500 hand creams to 40 French medical facilities.We are now doing our best to produce new quantities and maintain this beautiful solidarity action.




Amandine & Julien

CODAGE Paris co-founders