Two innovations which respect even the most sensitive skin, and take part in the CODAGE double cleansing ritual

Skin cleansing ?
An essential gesture !

☼ During the day: makeup, cosmetic product residues (like sun filters), excess sebum, sweat, cellular waste, hydrocarbons and pollution particles make your skin dirty and clog your pores. ☽ During the night: sebum, sweat, cellular waste and cosmetic product residues accumulate on your skin. If all these impurities are not regularly cleansed, the skin is no longer able to breathe, its cell renewal slows down and its ability to face external aggressions is weakened. All this causes an acceleration of skin aging, the thickening of the stratum corneum, dehydrated skin and dull complexion... In conclusion, your skin needs to be cleansed daily morning and night !

The double cleansing

Water alone is not sufficient to cleanse your skin. It is essentiel to use cosmetic products on top, but to avoid weakening its barrier function, they have to be adapted to your skin type. CODAGE Paris recommends the double cleansing method for a perfect pure skin: two steps to respect morning and night!

Step 1
lipophilic impurities

The micelles infused in our Micellar Water formula perfectly help remove all "greasy impurities" such as makeup, pollution particles or sebum.

Step 2
Get rid of
Hydrophilic impurities

Our two last innovations, the Cleansing Gel and the Cleansing Cream are ideal to remove gently "water-loving" impurities accumulated on your skin, such as dust and sweat.